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Caroline / 8 out of 10 / by James

Nice girl, pretty enough 7/10, enthusiastic in sex 8/10, reasonable oral skills 7/10. Had an OK time.


Caroline / 10 out of 10 / by jayhey

Seen Caroline before, she's stunning! This time booked 2 hrs and it was unbelievable good! Still dreaming about her now! see you again soon sexy Caroline x


Nicole / 3 out of 10 / by SportPitTuva


Imogen / 9 out of 10 / by RichardAcego


Imogen / 7 out of 10 / by Haroldfroca

New Tiana

New Tiana / 10 out of 10 / by John

Such as sweetheart girl. Did not feel like being with escort. Puts you in ease unlike some arrogant Russian girls. Same as in pictures. Would definitely come back. See you darling.

New Aurelia

New Aurelia / 10 out of 10 / by Alex

Gorgeous, friendly and very sexy .... what more could you ask for ?

New Lis

New Lis / 10 out of 10 / by Steve

Lis is a great girl, very attractive and nice attitude. Highly recommended. Will be back for sure!

New petite Elita

New petite Elita / 10 out of 10 / by shane

good thing she is going back to Russia bc i would end up spending all my money on her and go into debt. one of my best punts ever! i will definitely book her a few more times before she leaves london.

New Andromeda

New Andromeda / 10 out of 10 / by A Bloke

What a delicious little thing Andromeda is. Very slight and petite, with a charming personality. She's very relaxed and always smiling and I liked her so much after the first time (on Saturday) that I came back two days later. I would love to keep her f...

New petite Elita

New petite Elita / 10 out of 10 / by Mr Boombastic

Hello peeps, Mr Boombastic here! I had a sensational meeting with Elita last week. Treat her well and you will be rewarded!! She's very sweet, attractive and highly skilled. Thanks Elita, Mr B x

New Aurelia

New Aurelia / 10 out of 10 / by Jack

Outstanding engagement and service, saw her for the second time, this time with Elita, she gave a good impression of being pleased to see me, if Carlsberg did duos.... Beautiful, all natural, smily, gorgeous dimples, soft skin, lovely hair, outstanding....

New petite Elita

New petite Elita / 10 out of 10 / by michael

guys what a girl you need to go and see her service is great and she is better looking than her pictures you will not be disappointed